Web Design (What is it?) 

Web Design is the creation of pages and content production, using design and layout works.

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Examples of tools and languages used.


In the case of creating pages, Web Designers uses image editors and markup languages such as HTML.

In the visual part of the website, CSS is used, a term used to style elements written with HTML.

The process of creating sites may require several tools, such as Illustrator, Fireworks, Sublime and WordPress (Using Templates giving the site a base) among other tools used.


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The majority of the population uses the mobile phone for internet use and research, so it is necessary for the site to be suitable for mobile devices, and for that it is indicated to have a good Responsive.

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Every creator has to be a little creative, because without it the sites will be of no interest and people who browse it will easily lose interest.

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The layout is the graphical interface of a website or application. It's your company's digital business card. It is usually the starting point of a web project. We develop custom layouts, according to the needs of your business.

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Each site has a different typography, because if the typography were the same, the sites would become boring. Typography must adjust to the content, such as: A website with children's content cannot have a formal or more "adult" typography, so to speak. 

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Textual Adjustment 

This element is practical and helps to adjust a text to its text box, so you don't have to do it manually.

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Loading Speed 

Nowadays everyone is in a hurry, so it is necessary to quickly load the page to facilitate its use, in fact nobody likes to click a button and it takes a few seconds to load.