Strategic Partnership with Sumsub - Leading company in the world KYC and AML market

KYC (Know Your Customer)

it is the fundamental process that defines and enables the relationships between companies and users. This KYC procedure is the first step for a person to become a customer or registered user of an organization or company with security, guarantees and compliance with the rules that regulate this fact.


KYC or, for its acronym in English, “Know Your Customer”, is the practice that companies carry out to verify the identity of their customers in compliance with legal requirements and the rules and regulations in force.

In this sense, the KYC procedure responds to a legal and global imperative for any type of business that wants to incorporate a user as a customer.


Sectors where KYC is indispensable:

Fintech / Games / Trading / Crypto / Transport / Marketplaces

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What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML)?

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the web of laws, regulations and procedures designed to uncover efforts to disguise illicit funds as legitimate gains.


AML legislation was a response to the growth of the financial sector, the lifting of international capital controls and the increasing ease of conducting complex chains of financial transactions.

Strategic partnership

A Uteis & Razoaveis is an official partner of Sumsuba leader in the worldwide KYC and AML market. Sumsub has advanced technology and is a pioneer in the introduction of AI in the KYC sector. It also has a very efficient response team, thus giving us the guarantee that when we refer Sumsub to our customers, we will be valuing and giving reliability to our customers' products and/or services.

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Where does Uteis e Razoaveis stand in this relationship?

As you know, Uteis & Razoaveis is a technology development company, we are comfortable with the integration of the solutions provided by Sunsub, mastering the language and the API, allowing a fast, efficient and secure integration with your solution.

If you have an application to serve your customers, and it is imperative to integrate KYC or AML, we bring you a turnkey solution.