Virtual Business Cards

Virtual Business Card  it's the new moment trend.

Technology is increasingly present in the daily lives of people in all areas, and with it some habits must be modified so that it is possible to follow trends and follow the current digital age.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Ecological footprint 

It helps to reduce your ecological footprint. Two trees are cut down if 100 people use paper cards. So by adopting digital cards, you and your company are helping to preserve the environment.

88% of traditional cards distributed are discarded

This happens due to the lack of place to store it or the excess of papers in the pocket that need to be put away eventually, and not because of the lack of interest in the contact of the person who delivered it. With digital business cards, you can easily store them on your phone, taking them whenever you need them.

Everyone knows that old sentence that "the first impression is what remains".

When someone asks if you have a business card on hand, answer "No, I have something better". This response catches the other person's attention and is definitely an interesting start to a conversation.

You will make a good impression by presenting your digital business card in an exclusive and innovative way.

No more business cards or have you forgotten them?

With digital cards, you can share your contact in an unlimited way through any digital medium, such as WhatsApp, social media, sms messages, e-mail and much more.

 Networking becomes more comprehensive 

As it is digital, you can share your cards with people who are far away from you, you can deliver your data by sharing your card through the internet, such as WhatsApp, social networks, email and sms messages.


Easily changeable 

With the digital card, making this data update is much easier and faster, since it is instantaneous. You will not have to wait days for the delivery of your new cards. It is also economical, as you will not need to pay for printing more cards. And ecological, since there will be no disposal of old cards.